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Manufactured goods

Please find our price list for manufactured goods, including tofu and vegetable protein products, seitan, baked goods and flours, available in Excel 97 format here (93kB) and from the Order page, along with price lists for our organic fruit and vegetables, which are updated on a weekly basis.

Nutrition information for our manufactured goods is available as PDFs here.

All our products are 100% organic, produced and processed to The Soil Association Organic Standards.  Our tofu is made on a craft scale, without refined gypsum or glucono-delta-lactone.  Grain syrups and fruit juices are the only sweeteners used in our sweet baked goods and we do not use any hydrogenated fats.  All the breads from Paul's Bakery are available salt-free and/or sliced, to order.  Slicing charge:  5 pence per loaf.  Gas-packing charge:  7 pence per loaf.  Sliced and gas-packed:  12 pence per loaf.

Please add 25% for split outers/boxes.  Effective date:  15th January, 2018.  E & O E.



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