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Ordering from Soyfoods Ltd

Currently we deliver along the M1–A1 corridor between London and Manchester.  Please contact us to open an account and then place your orders, by email, FAX or mail.  Our veg boxes, with a selection of organic produce tailored to your requirements, are priced from £5.00 up.  Please get in touch if online payment by PayPal is required.

We email and upload PDFs of our latest prices for UK and imported produce each week.  The prices for tofu, breads and other manufactured goods are usually reviewed yearly.

Price lists for UK and Imported Produce last updated on: 18th January, 2022.
Price list for Manufactured Goods last updated on: 24th November, 2021.
Price list for Dairy Produce last updated on: 22nd June, 2020.

Please add 25% for split boxes.  Discount on 12+ units, please ask.  Please note that changes may occur without prior notification.  Prices correct at time of publication.  E&OE.

Countries of Origin:  A-Austria  Arg-Argentina  Aus-Australia  B-Belgium  Br-Brazil  Bur-Burundi  Cam-Cameroon  Can-Canada  Ch-Chile  Col-Colombia  DR-Dominican Republic  Egt-Egypt  F-France  Ger-Germany  Gh-Ghana  Gui-Guinea  Gr-Greece  I-Italy  Is-Israel  Iv-Ivory Coast  Mad-Madagascar  Mex-Mexico  Mor-Morocco  Nl-Holland  NZ-New Zealand  P-Portugal  SA-South Africa  Sp-Spain  To-Togo  Tun-Tunisia  Tur-Turkey  Uga-Uganda  Ur-Uraguay  Us-USA


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