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Delivery routes and schedules

Photo: two of Paul's vehicles [2-32-335x225-pauls-delivery-vehicles.jpg 24kB] We use our own fleet of refrigerated lorries to deliver across the area between London and Manchester.  You may also collect your order from us in Melton Mowbray or at the several Farmers' Markets we attend – please get in touch to confirm arrangements.

Photo: artwork on the front of one of Paul's delivery vehicles 
[2-34-645x145-truck-art.jpg 39kB]

Photo: Fuso/Mertrux Eco Hybrid [06-canter-eco-hybrid 46.1kB] From winter 2016/17 we have been using a hybrid delivery vehicle, with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and pollutants, including noise, particularly in built-up areas.

We deliver to the following areas on the following days at the approximate indicated times:
Details to be added shortly one day.

If you require delivery to an address outside our core delivery area we can offer the following options:
Details to be added shortly one day.

Ho-hum, the details don't seem to be arriving, but here's an indication of the good stuff to be found in a delivery...

Veggies, fruit, bread [veg-scan.jpg, 69kB]

The actual produce pictured above helped sustain the (somewhat) sentient life-form who then went on to provide this page for your delectation.  Maybe one day we'll illustrate the full circle from planting the seed to the point when the byproducts of its consumption are returned to the soil... OK, maybe not!


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